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La Voix de la Femme Amazigh

Project details

  • Organization name: La Voix de la Femme Amazigh
  • Location: Morocco
  • Website

Through the MACS advocacy grant, the project aims to improve access to justice for Amazigh women in Morocco. Currently, they face numerous linguistic, social, and economic barriers. The project addresses these challenges by providing legal translation, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives. It aims to empower Amazigh women leaders to integrate linguistic, sociocultural, and economic specificities into legislation and judicial procedures, fostering equitable justice and combating discrimination and violence against Amazigh women. By supporting community-level capacity-building and advocacy programs, the project aims to ensure the inclusion of Amazigh women’s needs in legal frameworks and streamline judicial processes in a linguistically accessible manner. Through these efforts, the project aims to amplify the voices of Amazigh women leaders and advocate for their rights within the justice system.

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