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Let’s get to know each other – We are Romuva | Susipažinkime – Mes Romuva

Project details

  • Organization name: Lietuvos Ramuvų Sąjunga / Lithuanian Ramuva Union
  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

The project aims to present the history, worldview, and ancient tradition of the Ancient Baltic religion and the Ancient Baltic religious Romuva community in a modern way to a broad audience. Further, it invites everyone to participate in public discussion on the problems of religious minorities. It brings together representatives of religious minorities and local and national government to advocate for and ensure the rights of these minorities.

Throughout the project, there will be a public lecture cycle in several cities in Lithuania, inviting everyone to meet the Romuva community and learn more about the Ancient Baltic faith, worldview and traditions. To advocate for religious minorities’ rights in Lithuania and their recognition, there will be a seminar to invite the representatives of all religious minorities in Lithuania and local and national government representatives diving into the analysis of the situation and experiences of religious minorities in Lithuania and discussing the importance of respect to religious freedom. Further, there will be a week-long experiential summer camp on the theme ‘Let’s hear what the land of our ancestors speaks to us’ where participants will participate in lectures, training and other entertaining and educational activities in ancient arts, crafts, folk music and ancient celebration rituals. Lastly, a new edition of the periodic ‘Romuva’ magazine will be published.

About the organization

Ramuva started its activities in 1969, during the Soviet occupation, and worked mostly underground. In 1997, it was registered as the Lithuanian Ramuva Union. The organization connects individuals and communities that uphold the traditions of Baltic ethnic culture and aims to revive and disseminate its traditions and customs and, accordingly, to celebrate calendar and family festivals following them. It collects folklore, ethnographic and other local history materials reflecting the old culture. It also manages and preserves monuments of the old culture and organizes conferences, lectures and seminars on culture, ethnic-cultural and cultural heritage. The Lithuanian Ramuva Union also organizes events on calendar, historical and national holidays and promotes the popularization of the music of the Lithuanian and other Baltic nations. Since 1989, it has organized annual international summer ethno-cultural camps for the youth. The Lithuanian Ramuva Union was the first to organize the Rasa (since 1967) and Milda (since 2003) festivals with the ceremonial folklore group Kūlgrinda. It now cooperates with the Ancient Baltic religious community Romuva by organizing joint celebrations, camps, etc.

‘Through the activities planned in the project, we hope to reach out to the public and representatives of the government and politicians to inform and provide more information about the activities of the Lithuanian Ramuva Union and the worldview of its members. We want to encourage the public to actively discuss public issues related to religious minorities in Lithuania and to create points of contact. Working together, we hope to strengthen our organization and raise its profile in society.’

The project team

Grant amount: €15,000

Photo credit: Algirdas Jankauskas.

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