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Lina Ben Mhenni Organization

Project details

  • Organization name: Lina Ben Mhenni Organization
  • Location: Tunisia
  • Website

In recent years, Tunisia has emerged as a gateway for thousands of refugees and migrants escaping wars, social and economic crises, and climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa. An increasing number of women, children and Queer individuals are experiencing various forms of extreme violence. This project will establish the Observatory of Violence Against Black Persons in motion with a focus on Women and Queer Individuals in Tunisia, through which light will be shed on these hidden narratives but also to advocate for systemic change, challenging the root causes that perpetuate violence and ensuring the protection of these vulnerable populations. This project will contribute to developing a study on the violence against female and Queer black migrants. Upon completion of the study, the observatory will organise a conference to raise public awareness about the realities faced by black women and Queer individuals in motion.

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