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Project details

  • Organization name: Musawa
  • Location: Palestine
  • Website

The neglect, marginalization, and lack of attention towards the situation of minorities and marginalized communities in Palestine, specifically people with disabilities and Bedouin communities, are the focus of this project. This project aims to reform how the Palestinian government makes decisions by enhancing the active participation and consultation of minorities and ensuring that legislation is inclusive and effective. The project will develop an online observatory to analyze Palestinian legislation and decisions and their compatibility with Articles 9 and 26 of the Palestinian Basic Law and international standards. It will engage in an advocacy campaign with legislative and executive bodies to push for policy changes. It will also lead public awareness campaigns informing citizens about their rights, focusing on the rights of Bedouins and persons with disabilities. It will be followed by an opinion poll after the campaign. The project will also produce and publish a guide to the rights of minorities, including methods for claiming these rights.

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