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Steps towards the integration of migrants from Central Asia | Žingsniai migrantų iš Centrinės Azijos integracijos link

Project details

  • Organization name: Lietuvos Kazachų Bendruomenė Nursaulė | Lithuanian Kazakh Community Nursaulė
  • Location: Lithuania
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The influx of migrants from Central Asian countries to Lithuania, including Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, has been on the rise. However, only recently has there been increased discussions about their integration into the local social and economic fabric and the challenges they face living in Lithuania. Often, migrants arrive with limited knowledge about Lithuanian life and its laws and are unaware of their rights. This project aims to facilitate the integration of migrants from Central Asia into Lithuanian society.

The project proposes to connect migrants with diaspora communities through a cultural and experience-sharing event. This event will serve as a platform to meet people from their region, share their life experiences in Lithuania, and learn more about their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities to enhance social cohesion in the country. Secondly, the project aims to integrate migrants from Central Asian countries better, advocating for free Lithuanian language learning opportunities approved by their employers. It will organize a round table discussion involving policymakers, NGOs, labour unions and representatives of communities from Central Asia to look for solutions to improve their integration. Thirdly, under this project, informational materials will be created and produced to share with some institutions in Central Asian Countries. These materials will provide prospective migrants with crucial information about Lithuania, including its laws and residents’ rights, ensuring they are better prepared for their arrival and life there. Lastly, the project will support cultural exchange and understanding by translating classic Kazakh literature into Lithuanian. This effort aims to enrich Lithuanians’ knowledge of Kazakh culture and support children from Kazakh-Lithuanian families in learning about their heritage.

Grant amount: €15,000

About the organization

The Lithuanian Kazakh Community Nursaulė was officially established in 2012. Many Kazakhs living in Lithuania come as students or businessmen or to create a family in Lithuania but love their Kazakh culture and want to share its traditions. Thus, Nursaulė aims to connect Kazakhs living in Lithuania to the diaspora. The diaspora is vital in preserving national culture and shaping national identity. The organization not only brings community members together but also encourages communication about their issues and joint search for solutions, resolution of current problems, exchange of information and support to each other. Nursaulė actively organizes cultural and sports events and creates projects that can tackle challenges faced by the community. The community has expanded, and today, its members are Kazakhs and nationals from Central Asian countries who settled in Lithuania.

Credit: Lietuvos Kazachų Bendruomenė Nursaulė.

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