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Youth RIGHTS – Romani Identity, Grass-root Humanity, Tolerance and Social strength

Project details

Logo of Areté Youth Foundation Bulgaria | Младежка фондация “Арете” - България
  • Organization name: Areté Youth Foundation Bulgaria | Младежка фондация “Арете” – България
  • Location: Sofia, Plovdiv, Dolna Banya, Montana, Oryahovo, Pazardjik, Pleven, Razlog and Yambol, Bulgaria
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This project aims to raise public awareness and empower Roma youth to promote and protect EU democratic values, minority inclusion and rights of Roma facing discrimination through workshops and seminars, e-learning, local advocacy initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns. The project is intended to be a ten-month, multi-layered educational and support program for young Roma who could become mobilizers of other young people and their communities.

Through workshops at schools, the project will enhance knowledge and educate young Roma on key concepts of human rights and anti-discrimination. The project will also help strengthen young Roma`s identity by introducing Romani history and culture through a series of online and in-person seminars as due to lack of knowledge many consider their Romani origin a disadvantage. Project participants and youth groups will be encouraged and supported to implement local initiatives and develop community projects to combat and raise awareness about discrimination against Roma communities. Throughout the project’s implementation, a large-scale community awareness campaign on EU rights and anti-discrimination will be conducted via social media and a variety of promotional materials, including posters, leaflets and a project video with messages and highlights from young Roma advocates.

Grant Amount: 15.000 EUR

This content was published in the context of our ‘Minorities, Accountability, Rights, Independence and Organizational Development’ (MARIO) programme. Learn more >

MARIO is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (2021-27) of the European Union (ref: 101091387).