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‘MRG’s flexible and practical support was instrumental in our success’

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MRG supports Ukrainian Roma activists during the Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva

In 2018, MRG (with funding from SIDA) commissioned an in-depth look at work in all world regions with a focus on capacity building over the years 2012 – 2018.

The process involved a questionnaire being sent to over 1,800 trainees and partner organisations in 60 countries. 178 questionnaires were returned (132 Trainees; 46 Partners).  Visits were made to 4 countries (Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Macedonia).

Overall the feedback from the survey and the interviews conducted was very positive:

Multiple trainees said that the program had strengthened their careers and initiatives, and ‘gave voice to the voiceless’ especially youth and women.

Average programme ratings were 86% for ‘direct, positive impact’; 82% ‘responds to beneficiary needs’; 82% ‘has sustainable outcomes’.

MRG ratings were even higher: 94% ‘a positive force’; 91% ‘open to criticism; 87% ‘expert’ and 81% ‘able to help… secure funding’.

Partners learned about advocacy, research, and consultation, gained deeper theoretical understanding of capacity building. They called the MRG programme reliable – ‘honored all promises’, professional and useful in helping tackle discrimination.

The report recommends primarily 3 things:

  1. MRG should seek to grow so that it can sustain the work it does and work with more people who need us.
  2. MRG should be more visible – particularly in terms of social media.
  3. MRG should continue to develop its work around multiple forms of discrimination and consider minorities within minorities in all its work.

Download the Executive Summary (8 pages).

Download the full report (90 pages).

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