Past Programmes and Evaluations

MRG evaluates all major programmes and we publish all of our evaluations below. These evaluations are on top of detailed ongoing internal monitoring of all programmes. External evaluations are an important additional way for MRG to see what we are doing well and where we can still improve – and we hope that all of our stakeholders; beneficiaries; partners; staff; interns; council members; funders; collaborators and even advocacy targets will access them here and apply the lessons that they contain.  In a world in which the minority related problems vastly exceed our staff time or budgets to address them, evaluations help us to decide where we should focus and the types of intervention we should make.

Some evaluations are more positive than others, but we will publish them all regardless. The evaluations that are best for learning are usually those that are more (constructively) critical.  We encourage our evaluators to signal feedback for donors and decision makers when constraints outside of MRG’s control impacted on the results of our work.  Occasionally we remove materials from evaluations that might put our partners or participants at risk but, if so, we will mention this.

If you have any comments on or questions about our evaluations, please contact Claire Thomas, MRG’s Deputy Director on

Past Programme / Evaluation |

Turkey: Housing and Education rights for Roma

Duration: December 2015 – August 2017 Regions/countries: Turkey: Gaziantep, Akhisar/Manisa, Diyarbakır, Edirne, Izmir, Artvin, Istanbul, Ankara. Minorities: Roma people Lead…

Dominican Republic Street Theatre programme
Past Programme / Evaluation |

Dominican Republic: Street Theatre Programme

Duration: January 2013 to January 2016 Regions/countries: Dominican Republic Minorities: Dominico-Haitians What was this programme about? To use street theatre and community consultations…

Past Programme / Evaluation |

Europe: Minority Realities in the News

Duration: March 2013-March 2016 Regions/countries: European Union (EU) countries, with a particular focus on Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Latvia,…