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Securing recognition of minorities and marginalised people and their rights in Botswana

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Securing recognition of minorities and marginalised people and their rights in Botswana

This evaluation found that the project had been largely successful although advocacy objectives had been hampered by numerous changes of personnel in key policy positions during the project. The evaluation team concluded that:

‘The project has been successfully implemented to achieve long term goals past project funding. It is expected that trained beneficiaries continue to use their acquired skills and knowledge to advocate for the rights of their community members and train other members to distribute knowledge on human rights, wider advocacy and paralegal training.’


‘RETENG and DITSHWANELO’s local networks and knowledge of Botswana tribes extend to isolated rural settlements, and through their role they were able to ensure identification of beneficiaries not only catered for large village members but for small and isolated village members.’

Recommendations included looking carefully at the sequencing of training to ensure that there were not long gaps between events and measures to address factors that were outside of the project’s control including floods and failure of communication infrastructure in some project locations during the project period as well as the repeated changes in duty bearer personnel mentioned above.

Download the executive summary here.

Download the full report here.

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