We regularly provide advice and consultancy to a wide range of institutions such as UN agencies, government departments and companies to share our expertise of minority and indigenous rights, leveraging our relationships of trust with extended minority and indigenous networks and aiming to positively influence such organizations’ inclusion policies and processes. We only provide such advice when it has the potential to help fulfil our goal to protect and advance minority and indigenous rights worldwide.

Here are some of the outcomes of our consultancy work:

We have also worked on other consultancies which are not public at this time, including:

  • Piloting Leave No One Behind – Factor Prioritization Toolkit for UNFPA (2022)
  • MRG has signed a contract with the World Bank to carry out screening of potentially vulnerable groups as they increase their activity in Somalia (2022)
  • Drafting Operational Plan for UNFPA to improve results aiming to Leave No One Behind (2021)
  • Presentation to Twitter on indigenous peoples, hate speech and social media use (2021 and 2022)
  • Presentation to UK’s Network Rail on minority inclusion (2021)

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