For over 50 years, MRG has been publishing authoritative books, reports, briefings and other materials, documenting the challenges faced by ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide.

MRG has focussed from the very beginning on producing information about marginalized communities whose situations are not so well known, particularly to international audiences. We also seek to cover a very broad range of minority and indigenous realities. For instance, MRG’s first reports in the 1970s were on religious minorities in the Soviet Union, the situations in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and minorities and indigenous peoples in Japan. An equally early report looked at the situations of Eritreans in Ethiopia and southern Sudanese. Not long after those publications were produced, we directed our attention to the challenges facing Afro-descendant communities in Brazil and Cuba.

Latest publications

In recent years, we have endeavoured to upload as many of our old publications as possible onto this website. We do this while being mindful that attitudes and terminology change over time, so our older reports and briefings may well include terms that MRG would not use today. We nevertheless feel that our older publications still retain value, providing insights into the issues facing minorities and indigenous peoples as well as how these challenges were described 40 or 50 years ago.

Initially, MRG’s publications took the form of 15–20-page reports focussing on specific minority and indigenous communities. These were numbered in sequential order and were frequently revised and reissued, keeping the same number in our catalogue. The breadth of our publications quickly grew to encompass information pamphlets, shorter briefings as well as longer hardback books. While highlighting issues facing specific marginalized communities remains a focus, we also produce thematic publications, for instance on constitutions and elections, and more recently on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

MRG seeks as much as possible to ensure that our publications reflect the lived experiences of marginalized communities by commissioning minority and indigenous authors and incorporating first-hand accounts by minority and indigenous activists. We also strive to incorporate a wide range of intersectional perspectives, making sure that our publications document the challenges faced by marginalized groups within minority and indigenous communities, including minority and indigenous women and persons with disabilities.

Reports & briefings

Minority and Indigenous Trends

Today, MRG retains two key formats – shorter briefings and longer reports. Our annual flagship publications were, until recently, our State of the World’s Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, and are currently our Minority and Indigenous Trends reports. While we print copies of many of our briefings and reports, we have several publications that are online only, such as our annual Peoples under Threat survey and map, and our Minority Stories series of multi-media resources.

MRG has always worked with authors who are experts on the topics they write about. Every publication goes through an extensive review process by independent readers, prior to internal review and editing. While we strive to do our utmost to ensure that our publications meet the very highest standard, our publications team is always grateful to receive any feedback from our readers. You can reach us here.

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