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Pastoralist Programme 2009

This evaluation focused on MRG’s work with pastoralist communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda from 2006 to 2008.  The work evaluated included training for elders and for women, partners’ capacity building, the establishment of a Pastoralists Elders’ Council to intervene and advise on conflicts between different pastoralist communities and supported national and international advocacy. The evaluator was positive about the work:

“MRG has enjoyed a great deal of success in its aims. Overall, the feedback on MRG’s Pastoralist Programme has been very positive and it has produced many observable positive results. In particular, the establishment of a Regional Pastoralist Elders’ Council is a unique achievement for MRG, and with continued support could play a highly innovative and important role in conflict resolution in the region. Government attitudes in many areas are changing, due in large part to the work of pastoralist MPs supported by MRG. MRG’s gender mainstreaming is also significant – including a thematic report dedicated to pastoralist women; four training events organised specifically for pastoralist women; women participants at all four national elders’ trainings and the regional elders’ training; and women representatives in MRG’s international advocacy work. MRG’s approach seems generally well-designed to make best use of the funding available.”

The evaluator noted some challenges for the programme and the difficulty and sensitivity of the issues linked to pastoralist women.  She suggested some changes in how MRG worked with partners suggesting that the work should be more sustained.  She also suggested alternative ways  of disseminating information, including those that reach those who do not read and write e.g. radio programmes.

Download evaluation: Pastoralist Programme 2009.