Minority groups and litigation: A review of developments in international and regional jurisprudence

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This guide provides an overview of developments in international and regional human rights jurisprudence relevant to the protection of ethno-cultural minority groups, including indigenous peoples.

The guide is the result of a pro-bono collaboration between the International Human Rights & Group Diversity Programme at Liverpool University and the Legal Cases Programme of Minority Rights Group International.

The authors have identified five themes which have increasingly become the subject of litigation in recent years: (1) non-discrimination; (2) education; (3) political participation; (4) land rights; and (5) women’s rights. Cases discussed are principally within the United Nations, European, Inter-American and African systems, as well as some domestic systems. The authors examine the critical dimensions of minority protection raised, ranging from intersectional discrimination to positive action, and suggest methods to further enhance this jurisprudence.

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