Uganda: The Marginalization of Minorities (December 2001)

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A4, 36pp, ISBN 1 897693 19 2 

Uganda is the home for a large number of diverse ethnic and linguistic groups. Historically this diversity has been used by those in power to divide and rule the country. Today, some ethnic groups continue to be disproportionately affected by Uganda’s problems, including regional conflicts, uneven development, inadequate health care and poor education provision. There is little real acknowledgement in Uganda of the specific needs and rights of minority groups.

Uganda: The Marginalization of Minorities describes the demo-graphic distribution of minorities in Uganda, looking in detail at the history and current situations of specific groups. It discusses the position of minorities with regard to a number of areas, including education, health and political participation. In conclusion, MRG’s Report makes policy recommendations to promote inclusiveness and improve the prospects for Uganda’s minorities and disadvantaged groups.

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