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Antigypsism Against Dom Groups in the Earthquake Region

24 September 2023

This resource was produced by MRG’s partner(s) with MRG. It remains the property of the organization(s) in question and does not necessarily reflect the views of MRG.

Dom, who are among the groups discriminated against in Türkiye through the stigma of ‘Gypsy’, are among the vulnerable groups most affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquake that occurred on 6 February 2023. This programme aims to investigate the forms of discrimination against Dom in the provinces of Hatay, Malatya and Adıyaman, which were affected by the earthquake and where Dom live densely, to collect measurable and reliable data through field visits and to use these data as a source for future rights-based monitoring activities.

This report presents the information and data obtained from the interviews with the earthquake survivor Dom living in the region during the field visits of the “Antigypsism Report towards Dom Groups in the Earthquake Region” supported by the Minority Rights Group International (MRG). The first part of the report explains the purpose and scope of the project, the second part presents a general framework about the living conditions and situations of Dom groups living in the region, and the last part analyses the information and data obtained during the field visit.

The report is available in Turkish and English.

This content was published in the context of the programme ‘Strengthening the capacity of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in Türkiye’ (MARC). Learn more >

Download (PDF, English)
Download (PDF, Turkish)


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