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Children’s access to Zazaki (Kirmanjki)

12 April 2024

This resource was produced by MRG’s partner(s) with MRG. It remains the property of the organization(s) in question and does not necessarily reflect the views of MRG.

This report is the result of field visits conducted in Diyarbakır between October 15 and November 15, 2023 to identify the problems faced by children from Zazaki (Kirmanckî) speaking families while learning or developing their mother tongue and to identify solution proposals.

Some associations, media outlets and institutions providing language education in the field of Zazaki in Diyarbakır were interviewed and extensive information on the subject was obtained.

The first part of the report provides a general overview of the discrimination faced by Kurdish elements in Turkey and the position of Zazaki in recent years. In the second part, the content of the interviews conducted with Ma Müzik, Zarok TV, MED-DER, Ferzad Kemanger Primary School, ZimZim Kindergarten, Language, Art and Culture Association are presented, and the problems children face in accessing Zazaki and their solution suggestions are detailed.

This content was published in the context of the programme ‘Strengthening the capacity of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in Türkiye’ (MARC). Learn more >

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