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Latest updates regarding minorities in Türkiye – June 2021

30 June 2021

This resource was produced by MRG’s partner(s) with MRG. It remains the property of the organization(s) in question and does not necessarily reflect the views of MRG.

The Minorities, Accountability, Rights, Collaboration (MARC) programme aims to contribute to the full realization of the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in Türkiye.The other new programme promotes collaborating to counter hate speech in Türkiye and new EU Member States. It aims to contribute to increased respect for human rights while fighting discrimination against migrants and persons belonging to ethnic and religious minorities.This publication is the first of a series of bulletins released throughout the implementation of the programme.

This content was published in the context of the programme ‘Strengthening the capacity of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in Türkiye’ (MARC). Learn more >

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