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Minority and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in the Millennium Development Goals

7 May 2003

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) can be met more effectively by including minorities and indigenouspeoples. Paying special attention to the needs and rights of these groups can improve strategies for achieving thegoals, and reduce the risk of conflict that may arise from exclusion from the benefits of the MDGs.Globally, minorities and indigenous peoples are among the poorest of the poor. They should gain from progress towards the goals. Yet, they are often left behind. The particular causes of their poverty and inequality, such as discrimination,are little understood or inadequately addressed. Their rights, many of which are linked to the MDGs, continueto be violated.This briefing outlines recommendations for ensuring the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples are recognised and upheld through MDG policies and programmes.

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Corinne Lennox

Katrina Payne