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Strengthening minority rights in Croatia

6 May 2024

Human Voices’ aims to bolster minority rights in Croatia. Focusing on Zagreb, Sisak, and Karlovac, the campaign seeks to dismantle prejudices, reduce discrimination, and foster understanding of diverse identities. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, the initiative endeavours to empower minority communities, advocating for the rights unjustly denied to them.

The Civic Initiative ‘My Town—Sisak’ is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2011 to protect human rights and marginalized communities. The primary areas of the organization’s activities are social work, human rights, and democratic political culture. In line with its goals, other areas of the association’s activities include international cooperation, education, science and research, sustainable development, culture and art, and the economy.

Credit: Civic Initiative ‘My Town – Sisak’.

Its new project, Human Voices, aims to strengthen minority rights in Croatia. The campaign will focus on the cities of Zagreb, Sisak and Karlovac. These cities are home to significant minority communities, whether new, such as refugees and migrant workers, or the older communities of religious and national minorities.

Credit: Civic Initiative ‘My Town – Sisak’.

The project seeks to promote the rights of every individual and respect for human rights by breaking down prejudices, reducing discrimination and informing the broader public about different identities. The campaign will advocate for the respect of rights denied to minority groups that face identity-based discrimination.

Credit: Civic Initiative ‘My Town – Sisak’.

During three focus group meetings, research will be conducted on cases of discrimination and the prejudices and stereotypes held by the local population about different minority communities. Considering that discussions within focus groups may touch on sensitive and challenging topics for some participants, psychosocial support will be provided through monthly workshops.

The results of the research analysis will be used to create the content of the public campaign. The campaign will address prejudices from different perspectives. The wider public will be engaged through storytelling. The stories will also be part of an exhibition, and a publication will be released, all with the aim of raising awareness in the local community about minority rights and strengthening minority communities’ awareness and advocacy for their rights.

Photo credit: Civic Initiative ‘My Town – Sisak’.

This content is a guest post from one of our partner organizations about their work as part of our ‘Minorities, Accountability, Rights, Independence and Organisational Development’ (MARIO) programme. Learn more >

MARIO is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (2021-27) of the European Union (ref: 101091387).


Civic Initiative ‘My Town – Sisak’