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Those Who Remain (Mayyel ya Ghzayyel) – a film offering a fresh perspective on the aftermath of Lebanon’s civil war

28 December 2016

Year: 2016
Languages: Arabic
Subtitles: English
Produced by: Eliane Raheb and Minority Rights Group International
Director: Eliane Raheb
Scriptwriter: Eliane Raheb
DOP: Jocelyne Abi Gebrayel
Editor: Eliane Raheb
Cast: Haykal Mikhael
Runtime: 95 min
Funders: Lebanon and United Arab Emirates

Al Shambouk, a high peak located in Akkar, Lebanon, is the homeland of Haykal, a Christian farmer. In this complex geographical spot a few kilometres away from Syria, Haykal decided to build a farm, and a restaurant. Each day, he deals with the dust from the neighbouring quarries, the agricultural stagnation, as well as the sectarian tensions and the political and economic repercussions of the Syrian crisis. And yet, Haykal feels he must remain in his land now more than ever. He is building his new home and defending coexistence in Lebanon with his own hands that are never too tired to work.

Winner of Dubai’s Special Jury Prize, the documentary deserves a bright festival future.’ – Variety

Special mentions – Oran Film Festival, Algeria, July 2017; Latin American Arab Film Festival,  Argentina, September 2017.

Jury awards for feature documentaries – Ismailia Film Festival, Tetouan Film Festival.

Audience award at Tripoli Docudays, Best Documentary, Mizna Festival, Best Feature Documentary – BBC Arabic Festival.

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