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UPR of Egypt – MRG’s submission

28 March 2019

Minority Rights Group International has submitted a written contribution ahead of the third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Egypt, scheduled for November 2019.

Our submission provides information and recommendations about the human rights of minorities and indigenous peoples in Egypt, including Coptic Christians, Jews, Shiite, Baha’is, Quranis, Ahmedis, atheists, as well as the Sinai Bedouin and indigenous Nubians.

The full report can be accessed here.

MRG’s suggestions of recommendations include:

  • Amend the 2014 Constitution to recognize the rights of persons belonging to all communities as full and equal citizens
  • Remove all discriminatory provisions in the Constitution, including the restriction of legal recognition to the ‘heavenly religions’, to ensure full legal equality for all religions and beliefs without exception
  • Repeal the current law on blasphemy and establish in its place legislation prohibiting hate speech and incitement
  • Issue a law banning discrimination, in line with Article 53 of the Egyptian Constitution
  • Repeal the 2016 church building law and replace it with a unified legal framework for all places of worship
  • Regulate reconciliation sessions between Christian and Muslim communities to ensure all processes are fair, transparent and impartial, consistent with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) best practices
  • Guarantee the full rights of all religious communities, including those not currently recognized in Egyptian law
  • Support the resettlement of the Nubian population in their ancestral territory, in line with Article 236 of the Constitution, through the development of a legal framework to recognize the community’s land rights and enable their return
  • Issue legislation addressing the specific challenges of racism, providing clear recognition and penalization of racial discrimination on the basis of color, ethnicity or language
  • Prioritize the protection of residents of North Sinai, including Bedouin, during military operations
  • Take concrete steps to address the underlying issues of injustice, marginalization and lack of development opportunities in Sinai

MRG submission for the UPR of Egypt – 2019