Sri Lanka programme evaluation 2009-2011

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Sri Lanka programme evaluation 2009-2011

This evaluation focuses on MRG’s work in and on Sri Lanka between 2009 and 2011. Unusually we have decided not to publish the full text of this evaluation as to do so would have raised security risks to staff and to partners to an unacceptable level.

An Executive Summary is now available and if you would like more information, please email

The evaluators comment that ‘Involvement in the MRG programme further strengthened the organizational capacity particularly of the community-based organizations participating in the project. It also brought minority concerns and minority rights into the mainstream media, in all three languages.

This project was well designed and sensitive in its conceptualizing; in final phase of the war the context and environment within which the project was implemented changed, and MRG was able to liaise closely with its partners in responding strategically both to the need to ensure of safety of those involved in the project as well as to the need to adhere to the founding principles of the project.’

Download the Executive Summary here.

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