Background information

MRG will be relaunching its online World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples (currently at  in September 2018 and is looking for a web development agency to build the new website.

The Directory is an online index of information about minorities and indigenous peoples organised by country.

Target audiences:

  • Journalists – who use the Directory frequently to look up information about minority communities in a particular country (usually quote quick facts such as how many minorities are in that country for example)
  • Asylum lawyers – use the information to prove persecution against certain minorities in asylum cases
  • Asylum adjudication authorities
  • UN Officials – use the information in reports
  • Academics/students – used in research
  • Other activists/human rights NGOs – again use our information in their advocacy/campaigning activities

Aim of the Directory

  • Provide accurate and trustworthy information about minority and indigenous communities by country to the above target audiences

Work needed:

Design and build of the new improved Directory, preferably using an open-source platform.

Homepage of the Directory to include:

  • Clear search box and search options in the header so it’s the first thing you see on a mobile
  • Improved and clear search function
  • Space for other content, e.g. case studies related to the directory or links to relevant reports.
  • Sign up to newsletter, donate and link to MRG website

Country pages

  • We’d like to have country pages structured like this: with tabs along the top to separate different content, and then a list of the minority communities to the left which are searchable from the home page. We’d also like to be able to introduce coloured tabs on some pages for certain types of content.
  • We want all the content on the country page to be available as a PDF download (so just need a clear button on the page people can click to download the PDF)
  • In the header – we want to remove the text in the head that says: HDI Rank, Population, GNI per capita, life expectancy.
  • We want to be able to feature MRG web content e.g. reports, press releases, relating to that country on the page. Ideally in the right-hand column, and have control over this so we can change it.
  • We need easy navigation so you can easily search around the different types of information available.

Other features needed:

  • Needs to be mobile friendly
  • Very visual with space to add photos or video
  • Certain features need to be present across the site e.g. newsletter sign up, donate button etc.

Tender process:

Please submit a short application of no more than 2 pages outlining your relevant experience for the work, your approach to the project and rough quote for the work, links to other work, to: by 22 May 2018.

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