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Browse countries, territories and world regions to learn about minorities and indigenous communities as well as our work with them. If you are looking for our ‘World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples’, it is now housed within this map.

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Hamden Dali, a Black Tunisian, and his daughter Hedia, in Djerba, Tunisia. Credit: Slim Kacem/ROOTS.

A man from Guet Ndar, a fishers’ village on the Senegalese coast, increasingly inhospitable under the effects of climate change. Credit: Jana Čavojská.

Participants in an MRG training for members of the Mbororo community, Cameroon, June 2013. Credit: MRG.

A Bravan artisan from Baraawe, Somalia handcrafts a pair of sandals, showcasing the city’s renowned tradition of leatherwork at Via Roma, Hamarwayne District, Mogadishu, Somalia. 2022. Credit: Mohamud Siad Ahmed (Utama).

Di//ao G╪kao, Xoan// Niani, Se//ae /Ai!ae, N//ing /Ai!ae, and Baqu /ui (left to right) on the main street of Tsumkwe, Namibia. Credit: Tristen Taylor.

Zapotec environmental activist Carmen Santiago Alonso gives a few drops of the local spirit, mezcal, back to the earth, a local custom. Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca, Mexico. April 2019. Credit: Noel Rojo.

A Dominican young woman of Haitian descent. Still from ‘Our Lives in Transit’ (2017). Credit: Sofia Olins/MRG.

A campesino farmer picks up a goat that strays from his herd. Petorca, Chile. Credit: Cristian Soto Quiroz/Crsotoq Audiovisual Agency.

Taiwanese indigenous people protest in front of the Ministry of the Interior in Taipei, Taiwan on 14 March 2023. Credit: Wiktor Dabkowski/dpa/Alamy Live NewsTaipei.

A member of Thailand’s Malay Muslim community. Credit: Shabirin U-soh.

A Sunuwar participant at a public awareness rising gathering on Nepal’s census organised by CEMSOJ in September 2021, Hawa, Dolakha, Nepal. Credit: Bishal Rajbhandari/CEMSOJ.

A woman carries water from a canal in the village of Aliaul, near the former Aral Sea, in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan. Credit: David Trilling.

A boatman from the Hawizeh Marshes of Iraq. Credit: Khalid Tawfeeq Hadi/UNDP Iraq via Water Alternatives/Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0).

Indigenous women of Limerous village, Vanuatu performing traditional water music. Gaua Island, Vanuatu. Credit: David Kirkland.

Parwana Amiri, author, poet, teacher and activist, pictured in Ritsona refugee camp, Greece. Credit: Thomas Alboth.

Roma girls in Bulgaria celebrate their heritage. Credit: Arete Youth Foundation.

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