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Paile Chabane, MRG’s International Human Rights Officer for Africa, reports from the final day of a landmark conference on minorities in Africa.

This is the third and final day of the seminar (day two was lost in a blur of administration) and probably the most important as it is when practical ways to mainstream minority rights in the national policies and processes of African states will be discussed.

Presentations are made and the latter part of the day is for group work to give the participants an opportunity to come up with recommendations for how best this mainstreaming process could be done and by whom in the various countries in question.

For me the moment of triumph is when the Commissioner addresses the group at the end of the seminar and makes a commitment to take the issues back to her colleagues at the Commission, as she feels there are definite issues worthy of attention. What can I say…my work here is done…

All in all, I am very pleased with the way it turned out and the seminar report will inform all discussions we’ll be having with key actors in the promotion and protection of minority rights in Africa… However, this is just the beginning… the tough work is about to begin.

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