Incite! What is causing the rapid spread of hate speech against religious minorities and how can this be countered?

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In the first of a new podcast series focusing on identifying and challenging online hate speech which targets religious minorities, Emily Buchanan speaks to Claire Thomas, Deputy Director at MRG, and Naumana Suleman, Pakistan Lead and South Asia Coordinator, Minority Rights Group.

In this podcast, Emily, Claire and Naumana discuss who the perpetrators of hate speech are, the nature of hate speech and how it impacts ordinary people’s lives. This includes daily and commonly used insults, the desecration of cemeteries, signs in shops targeting specific minorities and, in some cases outright violence and death. They also discuss what can be done to counter hate speech and disinformation. Their discussion draws on CREID evidence from Pakistan.

This podcast was originally recorded in March 2021 and launched at ‘#Incite! Identifying and challenging online hate speech’. Find out more about the CREID podcast here.

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