Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights

EU EIDHR project: Strengthening Human Rights Defender organisations working with Vulnerable Civilians

The Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights promotes civilian-led monitoring of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law (www.ceasefire.org ) As part of a former EU-funded project, it has developed and operates an online platform for the reporting of violations in Iraq. This enables reporting using an online form, as well as the submission of reports in other formats, in both English and Arabic, using the Ushahidi platform. See iraq.ceasefire.org

As part of a new EIDHR project on strengthening human rights defender organisations working with vulnerable civilians, the Ceasefire Centre is now inviting tenders for the deployment and maintenance of a similar human rights reporting platform for another separate country in the region, either using the Ushahidi platform or similar open source software.


The basic specification should include:

Data collection

  • Web-based platform enabling data collection from multiple channels, including desktop and handheld devices
  • Submission of data in closed response (tick box) as well as open response formats
  • Submission of data in English and in another (non-Roman) language (translation will be provided)
  • Geo-location and data visualization on a map
  • Ability to submit graphic, audio or video files.

Data management

  • Hierarchy of user roles and permissions
  • Basic reporting for searching, filtering and analysing data
  • Anonymisation and secure storage of data.
  • Risk assessment and resilience to cyber attack.

For a working example of the functionality required, please refer to iraq.ceasefire.org

Submission of proposals

Please indicate:

  1. Experience of undertaking similar or related software configuration projects, including indication of ongoing capacity to maintain the platform
  2. Approach to the project, including stages of implementation and approximate timescale
  3. Comprehensive quote for costs, divided between A. Initial design, deployment and testing and B. Ongoing maintenance and support.

It would also be useful if you could indicate any natural language skills (besides English), particularly in Middle Eastern languages.

Please submit proposals to ceasefire@mrgmail.org by the deadline of 22 December 2017. For any enquires related to this invitation to tender, please contact miriam.puttick@mrgmail.org

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