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We believe that building networks and coalitions is a key element in the protection of human rights.

Minority Rights Group Europe (MRGE) was established in 1996 in Budapest as an independent organization under the wider Minority Rights Group family. We aim to promote and protect minority and indigenous peoples’ rights with a primary regional focus on Europe and Central Asia. We have recently focused on South Asia and the bordering regions of the Southern Mediterranean, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Our work addresses the exclusion of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities through capacity development and empowerment, media advocacy and networking. Our portfolio includes training activists and media professionals, developing narratives that counter hate speech, producing authoritative materials on key minority rights issues and supporting activists in getting their voices heard. Additionally, we operate with an intersectional lens, paying particular attention to how multiple and intersecting identities shape the lives of minorities and indigenous peoples.

Our programmes are designed to strengthen civil society by providing financial, technical and legal support, building capacity and supporting advocacy. We have strong relationships with many partners in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Türkiye and Central and South Asia. Increasingly, we are a facilitator that bolsters collaboration between civil society organizations (CSOs) at national and regional levels.  

In Europe, for example, we established the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network, counting 80 member organizations, 200+ journalists in Central Europe, and the first-ever network of minority organizations in Türkiye. We are also active members of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and the Civic Solidarity Platform. Meanwhile, in Asia, we have supported the emergence of regional collaboration among religious minority organizations such as the South Asia Collective.  

As our work expands, so does our presence. We are closely connected to various regional and international human rights mechanisms. Our office maintains a dialogue with the OSCE, while we are supported by advisors in Brussels close to EU institutions, and in Geneva close to UN agencies. Our network of regional correspondents keeps us abreast of developments in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Our office in Budapest acts as a focal point for multiple CSO networks, supporting joint advocacy initiatives towards the EU institutions, the OSCE and the Council of Europe.



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Our staff

  • Adina Zholdoshova

    Programmes Assistant

    Adina previously worked on projects aiming to establish inclusive education at the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia.

    Ágnes Dinnyés

    Roma Programmes Assistant

    She holds an MPhil degree from the University of Oslo in the Theory and Practice of Human Rights and has previous experience in research and human rights organizations.

    Andrea Spitálszky

    Legal Programmes Coordinator

    Andrea is a lawyer running projects related to discrimination and countering hate speech against Roma in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.

    Anna Alboth

    Media Officer 

    Anna coordinates MRG’s media programmes and media events and works to keep both minority rights in general as well as MRG itself in the media.

    Antonio García Cazorla

    Europe Programmes Assistant

    Antonio joined MRG in April 2023. He is a psychologist with a master’s degree in equality and gender.

    Gergely Balog

    Europe Finance Officer

    Gergely joined MRG Europe to strengthen its finance team in June 2023. He is an economist and a graduate of the Budapest University of Economics.

    Ifra Asad

    Grants Manager

    Ifra Asad joined MRG in 2018, with prior experience in in civil society organizations concerning women’s rights and children’s education in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan.

    Jad El Dilati

    MENA Programme Coordinator

    Jad has worked with civic organizations focusing on freedom of speech and democracy in the Levant in general and Lebanon in particular.

    Karol Wilczynski

    MARIO Poland Liaison Officer

    Karol joined MRG in December 2022. With a PhD in Islamic Philosophy, he is part of the MARIO programme supporting minority organizations in Poland.

    Kenza Yousfi

    MENA Assistant

    Kenza has worked in political and investigative reporting in Morocco and grants management in the context of Democracy Promotion and Human Rights Defence in the MENA region.

    Nancy Borisova

    MARIO Bulgaria Liaison Officer

    She previously worked as a communications manager in the NGO sector and as a journalist for online media. She joined MRG in January 2023.

    Nasrin Charong

    Thailand Programme Assistant

    Nasrin joined MRG in May 2022. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, in the field of International relations from Prince of Songkla University, Pattani campus.

    Neil Clarke

    Head of Legal Programmes and EU Advocacy

    Neil joined MRG’s programmes department in 2004, working in MRG’s Africa, Asia and Europe teams.

    Nejra Kadić Meškić

    MARIO Croatia Liaison Officer

    Nejra Kadić Meškić is the CEO of the Centre for Cultural Dialogue, which builds intercultural societies and fights growing mistrust and polarization.

    Nicole Girard

    Asia Programmes Manager

    Nicole has worked on MRG’s programmes in Asia since 2010.

    Nurangiz Khodzharova

    OSCE Programmes Coordinator

    Nurangiz joined MRG Europe in February 2023 to coordinate MRG’s projects in Central Asia and OSCE advocacy efforts.

    Renata Rosa Raab

    Operations Officer

    Renata Rosa joined MRG Europe in July 2021. Her main tasks consist of financial and general programme support at the Budapest office.

    Sahar Albashir

    Lebanon Liaison and Communications Officer

    She previously worked in communications and advocacy with local and international NGOs focusing on refugees, women’s rights and human rights in Lebanon and the MENA region.

    Sanae Alouazen

    Morocco Liaison Officer

    Sanae is a researcher and project coordinator committed to fostering collaboration between academia and civil society.

    Simona Simkute

    MARIO Lithuania Liaison Officer

    Simona joined MRG in October 2023. She previously worked in the humanitarian aid sector on internally displaced persons and refugee response in Uganda, Tunisia and Poland.

    Szilvia Heidl

    Finance Officer

    Szilvia graduated in economics. She has been working in the non-profit sector since the very beginning of her career, for almost 20 years.

    Tamás Büchler

    Europe Programmes Coordinator

    Tamas is the Europe Programmes Coordinator at Minority Rights Group. Previously he worked for CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, a Brussels based (…)

    Viktor Teru

    Viktoria Villanyi-Nosko

    Senior Finance Officer

    Viktoria is responsible for the overall financial management of the Budapest office.

    Yousef AlAbsi

    Finance and Programme Assistant

    Yousef is MRG’s Finance and Programme Assistant in Hungary. He joined MRG in May 2023.

    Zsófia Farkas

    Europe Managing Director

    Zsófia is the Managing Director of Minority Rights Group Europe responsible for Eastern and Central Europe, Eastern Partnership and Central Asia.

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MRG Legal Officer Andrea Spitalszkly speaking at a roundtable on cases of discrimination against Roma. Credit: Emília Lola Eördögh

Omoye Akhagba of subgrantee Fundacja dla Somalii speaking at MRG’S MARIO programme central training in Budapest, October 2023. Credit: Emília Lola Eördögh.

Zsofia Farkas, MRG Europe director, speaking at MRG’S MARIO programme central training in Budapest, October 2023. Credit: Emília Lola Eördögh.

MARIO programme team Tamás Büchler, Antonio García Cazorla and Ifra Asad (left-right) pictured outside the European Commission during the MARIO programme’s exchange and advocacy meetings in Brussels, October 2023. Credit: Tamás Büchler/MRG

The MRG Europe team. Credit: MRG.

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