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Evaluation of Minority Rights and Development Programme

This evaluation considered MRG’s work to mainstream minorities in development programmes between 2001 and 2004. The evaluator found that this was a pioneering programme. The implementation of the activities was professional and in some areas was “noteworthy”.

“In conclusion, MRG has been innovative and pioneering in launching a programme, which seeks to address MR in development and build bridges between the human rights and development community. The programme has been executed by and large as planned in the EC proposal and in all categories of work MRG has demonstrated a high level of expertise, professionalism, flexibility, dedication and commitment. In terms of achievements the programme has contributed to create awareness among many actors both at the local and international levels on the situation of minorities and on the need to consider MR in development processes. Despite a less coherent strategy regarding mainstreaming of MR, MRG has managed to engage key development actors in longer term processes, seeking to equip the agencies to pay due regard to minorities in development processes and support safeguarding and promotional measures within MR. Among local partners MRG has contributed to improve documentation of situations of minorities, greater recognition of MR in development and more confidence in advocating rights among development agencies. MRG has made an important contribution to the international discourse and operational thinking in the field and provided evidence and convincing argumentation on the imperative to consider rights in development in order to attain broader development outcomes as reflected in the Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals and Poverty Reduction Goals.”

However the evaluation did find that we had not thought through the change strategy in sufficient detail and this meant that some of the achievements of the programme would not be sustained if work did not continue. The evaluator recommended that MRG think through change strategies more carefully in all of our work – this has been done through our new campaigns approach. She also suggested that we work more at a national level which is another suggestion that we have since taken up.

Download: Evaluation of Minority Rights and Development Programme