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Evaluation of Minority Rights Group 2009-2012 by SIDA

This evaluation looks at a wide range of MRG’s work over the period 2009 to 2012 (with a particular focus on international advocacy). As part of the evaluation a large number of stakeholders and partners were asked to rate MRG as an organization, the impact of its work and its strategic choices – both past and for the future. The evaluator also carried out a meta-evaluation whereby she reviewed the findings of 11 project or programme evaluations and extracted from them common observations, findings and recommendations.

The evaluator’s findings and conclusions include the following:

  • Multiple comments from partners on relevance, communication, participation and impact, illustrate that MRG’s strategic process managed to identify and prioritize issues that are relevant to members of their minority communities.
  • MRG has contributed to strengthening local minority organizations in Europe, Asia and Africa, its regional offices in Kampala and Hungary and presence in Asia, secure rights of ethnic minorities, win legal cases with indigenous peoples in DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, support religious minorities, conduct innovative research and draw national and international attention to forgotten peoples and issues in Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia and improve cooperation and understanding between communities.
  • MRG relates to an impressive amount of actors worldwide and produces large numbers of outputs. Much of its achievements is the result of the quality and dedication of staff, minority and indigenous organizations.
  • MRG has shown willingness to adjust and learn from past successes and failures.

Download the full evaluation here.