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Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Asia Programme

This evaluation focused on MRG’s work in 7 Asia countries in partnership with Indigenous and Tribal groups.  The findings of the evaluation are quite mixed because MRG’s relationships with the partners varied and in some cases was quite difficult. Despite this, one finding of the study is that “The Follow-up activity organised in Nepal in August 2006 (the conference on Ensuring the effective participation of indigenous peoples in the peace process in Nepal, organised by the INPC) resulted in the formation of a political front representing all the communities which had participated, the Broad National Democratic Republic Front, and was a launch pad for developments which resulted in the election to the Constituent Assembly (in April 2008) of significant numbers of both representatives of indigenous peoples and minorities and women from these communities. Although the broad alliance formed in August 2006 did not hold together subsequently, the joint strategic planning which occurred during the conference appears to have had a significant impact later on. ”

Another finding was that “In five of the seven countries (India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Thailand), there is evidence of positive contacts between indigenous/tribal communities and the dominant community and of their increased ability to influence the government or the dominant community.”

The evaluator noted the difficulty of working long distance from London and wondered whether MRG should consider opening up an office in Asia.  He also stressed the importance of total clarity regarding decision about which partners to work with on activities and on financial reimbursements to try to retain good relationships with partners.

Download evaluation: Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Asia Programme