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Minority Voices

This evaluation concerns a three-year project to achieve coverage of minority rights situations in the Global South in media outlets accessed by the public in Europe.

The evaluator said, ‘The project achieved significant results in terms of the quality of the outputs produced and in the benefits identified by trainees including their increased confidence and skills in engaging with the media. These were subsequently applied notably with their local media. The project also built awareness of and opportunities for journalists in new EU member states to report minority and indigenous communities’ issues in development. The flexible approach taken by MRG, learning from experience and adapting to maximise new opportunities contributed significantly to these results.’

Recommendations included that MRG could prioritise more work towards the demand side of media i.e. influencing journalists to use materials that exist rather than concentrating on producing new materials, also that some of the indicators or aims of the project were overly and unrealistically ambitious. Finally the evaluator recommended that MRG work out ways to monitor coverage through sampling of issues rather than just accepting (correctly) that it was not possible to do overall.

Download the full evaluation report here.

View two films produced under this programme:

Photo: Minority rights activists take part in one of our training sessions / MRG