Implement Endorois Decision 276/03: Report on the impact of non-implementation of the African Commission’s Endorois decision

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This report presents findings on the impact of the non-implementation of the recommendations of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) Endorois Decision on Kenya‘s Endorois community. In a landmark decision adopted by the African Union (AU) on 2 February 2010,1 the ACHPR (hereinafter ‘the African Commission’) recommended that the Kenya Government recognize the Endorois community’s right of ownership of their ancestral lands, restitute to the Endorois their ancestral lands and compensate them for their losses. It also recommended that the community should have unlimited access to Lake Bogoria National Reserve (LBNR) and benefit from the royalties and employment opportunities within the game reserve. However, the recommendations have never been fully implemented. This report demonstrates that the non-implementation of the recommendations of the Endorois Decision has negatively impacted the community’s livelihoods, consigning many of its members to severe poverty, illiteracy, poor health and a life of destitution.

This Report was published by the Centre for Minority Rights Development (CEMIRIDE), Endorois Welfare Council (EWC), MRG and WITNESS in March 2022.

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