Roma/Gypsies: A European Minority (October 1995)

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Roma/Gypsies: A European Minority (October 1995)

A4, 40pp, ISBN 1 897693 16 8 

The Roma/Gypsy community has been persecuted in Europe throughout history, whether through banishment, Roma/Gypsy hunts or the Roma/Gypsy Holocaust of the twentieth century. Roma/Gypsies: A European Minority charts the course of these events on the Roma/Gypsy consciousness and examines current-day policies of exclusion, containment and assimilation whilst also considering the position of Roma/Gypsy communities in Eastern and Central Europe in the wake of the fall of communism.

The authors Jean-Pierre Liégeois and Nicolae Gheorghe, renowned experts on this subject, discuss European and international institutions’ responses to the growing sense of shared identity that exists among Roma/Gypsy people, highlighting the achievements that have been made to date and outlining the many issues still to be resolved.

To this end, Roma/Gypsies: A European Minority concludes with a set of recommendations concerning identity; non-discrimination; equality; asylum; participation; education and self-designation, arguing that a European-wide integrated approach to these issues is long overdue.

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