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The situation of black people with disabilities in Brazil

30 March 2023

This report considers the situation of black people with disabilities in Brazil. In particular, the authors focus on the historical context, relevant law and policy, and a variety of issues faced by such persons. These include vulnerability to violence, increased likelihood of incarceration, inaccessible facilities, experiences of racism and ableism, barriers to employment, access to social services and security, and a lacking care policy. Emphasis is placed on the experiences of women and quilombolas in relation to the aforementioned issues. The report argues for the need to situate the present situation within Brazil’s historical context, specifically slavery and colonialism. It emphasizes the need for more robust data with respect to black people with disabilities. The authors call for recognition of intersectional discrimination by the relevant bodies at every level and recommend more effective policy to ensure the livelihoods of the affected groups are improved. This resource is an excellent point of reference for lawyers, activists, campaigners and community leaders seeking to advance the rights and well-being of black people with disabilities in Brazil.

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