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UPR of Uganda: Joint contributions from MRG and its partners

15 July 2021

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and its partners are calling on states to address the situation of minorities and indigenous peoples in Uganda during the 3rd Universal Periodic Review of Uganda, scheduled for January 2022.

It does so through two joint submissions, looking at the situation of indigenous peoples and ethnic and linguistic minorities, such as the Batwa, the Benets, the Maragoli, the Banyabindi or the Basongora:

  • A joint submission with the African International Christian Ministry (AICM) and the National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders Uganda (NCHRD-U) analyses the domestic legal framework supposed to protect minority and indigenous rights and looks at minorities and indigenous peoples’ enjoyment of the right to health, of the right to education, of their right to self-determination in the use of natural resources and at their recognition as citizens of Uganda.
  • Another joint submission co-sponsored by 11 civil society organisations representing a variety of groups focusses on the government’s efforts to implement recommendations it has received on right to health and right to education for Uganda’s minorities and indigenous peoples, and highlight challenges associated with the enjoyment of these key rights.

Both submissions provide information and detailed recommendations about what the government of Uganda should do in order to respect and fulfill its human rights obligations vis-à-vis Uganda’s ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples.

UPR Uganda – Joint Submission on Minority and Indigenous Groups

UPR Uganda – Report on health and education for minorities and indigenous peoples