This project aimed to encourage the use of a human-rights-based approach to development (including minority rights) in three European Union states: Cyprus, Hungary and Poland. There was a particular focus on policy-makers (as a previous phase of the project had focused on building the capacity of non-governmental organizations). The project activities included advocacy, events and publications and brought minority rights activists from the South to meet with NGOs and development decision-makers.

One of the conclusions of the evaluation states ‘this project has delivered a series of well-received outputs as the raw materials for effective, professional advocacy. The project has acted as a resource to policy-makers, with MRG Europe positioning itself as a partner of governments. But success depends on policy-makers having the authority to instigate and implement changes in policy and practice. The conclusion from this project – which MRG Europe has itself largely reached already – is that insider engagement of policy-makers is a necessary, but not sufficient step to achieving MRG Europe’s goals.’

Recommendations for future work included changes in terms of more inclusive and participatory programme design, different ways of working with partners partners, more continuity in terms of countries and partner organizations with projects of this type with short phases, and specific goals for each project country taking into account the pre-existing situation, capacities and policy environment.

Download the full evaluation report here.

Read more about the project’s activities and publications here.

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