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B. J. v. Denmark

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B. J. v. Denmark


(Communication No. 17/1999), UN. Doc. CERD/C/57/D/17/1999


Article 6 ICERD – just and adequate reparation or satisfaction; States parties shall assure effective remedies:

A Danish engineer of Iranian origin and his friends were denied entry to a disco by a doorman because they were “foreigners”. He claimed that the fine imposed on the doorman by the Danish court was not effective satisfaction and reparation.


No violation of Article 6. But CERD noted in Paragraph 6.3 of its opinion:

“[b]eing refused access to a place of service intended for the use of the general public solely on the ground of a person`s national or ethnic background is a humiliating experience which … may merit economic compensation and cannot always be adequately repaired or satisfied by merely imposing a criminal sanction on the perpetrator”.

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