MRG is the leading international human rights organization working to secure rights for ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples around the world.

We work with minority and indigenous communities and campaign for recognition of their rights in the following ways:

  • We support the advocacy initiatives of minority and indigenous community representatives, working alongside them to ensure that their voices are heard. We also conduct advocacy at the national, regional and international levels to ensure that governments and international agencies respect and promote minority and indigenous peoples’ rights.
  • We publish authoritative publications that are widely valued by decision makers, academics and the media.
  • We produce documentary films on a wide range of minority and indigenous issues and countries – from the overfishing that threatens coastal communities in Gambia to the harsh conditions many refugees face as they try to reach the European Union.
  • Our pioneering legal cases work advances the protection of minorities and indigenous peoples under international law.
  • We deliver projects with our minority and indigenous partners in many countries around the world (see below).
  • We provide training and coaching on different facets of minority and indigenous peoples’ rights to civil society organizations, human rights defenders, journalists and other professionals, and decision makers.
  • We provide advice to a wide range of institutions such as UN agencies, government departments and companies, sharing our expertise on minority and indigenous peoples’ rights.

Our work and continuous evaluation of our efforts offer overwhelming evidence that the inclusion of minority and indigenous communities leads to stronger, more cohesive societies.

We believe that exclusion can result in instability, conflict and in the most extreme cases, genocide. We have worked with over 150 partners across 60 countries for more than 50 years to promote peaceful coexistence and sustainable social change.

    Our current programmes

    The following programmes have recently ended and are currently undergoing evaluation:

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