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Statement against racism and xenophobia

23 June 2021

اضغط هنا لقراءة هذا البيان الصّحفي بالعربيّة

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Following the discriminatory, racist and hateful posts shared on social media against black Tunisians and Sub-Saharan migrants by M. J.G, a member of the executive board of the Tunisian Association of Amazigh Culture (ATCA), and following the meeting of the committee of internal regulations supervision of The Observatory to Defend the Right to Difference in Tunisia (O3DT), we would like to inform the public that the association ATCA is question is no longer member of O3DT.

The signatories of this statement condemn this cyber violence and denounce any racist and xenophobic comments. They recall that this behavior is in violation of the charter that all members of the Observatory have signed and committed to respect. The association in question (ATCA) did not react against these racist remarks, did not clarify its position and kept this person as a permanent member, which prompted the Observatory to make this decision.

The Observatory to Defend the Right to Difference in Tunisia, its partner Minority Rights Group International, in the frame of the project All for All and all of the components of the network Points Anti-Discrimination Tunisie (PADs) would like to recall that the ultimate objective of their work is to combat any hateful racist or discriminatory act or speech that could infringe human rights as well as individual and collective freedoms.

We express by the present our irrefutable support and solidarity to black Tunisians and Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia.

Today, we live in a climate of hostility and extreme violence against the latter and no motive can justify committing acts which undermine their dignity and security.

Beyond the current events, we recall that anti-black racism is not a point of view but an offense condemned by the Law 50-2018 on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.

We encourage all of the civil society actors and the general public to fight daily against racial discrimination. The silence and denial around racism will only accentuate it. It’s our duty and responsibility to denounce racism and ensure that everyone’s rights and freedoms are respected.

Preventing and combatting racial discrimination is a daily endeavor. Together, let’s support all Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia who are facing situations of unprecedented vulnerability and precariousness, difficult situation accentuated by hate speeches and stigma on social media and the public space.

List of signatories

  • Observatory to Defend the Right to difference in Tunisia
  • Minority Rights Group International
  • Points Anti-Discrimination Tunisie

Photo: Anti-racism protesters on the streets of Tunis, Tunisia, 6 June 2020. Credit: Alessandra Bajec.