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Agnes Kabajuni, Managing Director, MRG Africa

Agnes is MRG’s Africa Regional Manager. She has over 16 years of experience in the field of human rights and has extensively worked in research and advocacy, both on international and national levels. Her area of expertise includes cultural rights, women’s rights and ethnic minority and indigenous rights.

Email: agnes.kabajuni@minorityrights.org

Andrea Spitálszky, Legal Officer

Andrea joined MRG in April 2017. Since then she has been running various projects related to discrimination against the Roma and cyber hate. Currently, she is coordinating the REILA project which aims to increase access to justice for Roma victims of discrimination in Hungary and Serbia. She is a Hungarian lawyer specialised in human rights and international law. Andrea previously worked as a Legal Officer at the Mental Disability Advocacy Center (currently, Validity Foundation) and as a research consultant for the European Network Against Racism and Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund.

Email: andrea.spitalszky@minorityrights.org

Anna Alboth, Media Programmes Coordinator (Europe)

Anna coordinates the Media, Minorities and Migration programme, with a special focus on Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia and is responsible for MRG media work in Europe. Previously she has worked as a journalist, a coordinator and a human rights activist and a initiator of Civil March For Aleppo. Anna is also one of the founders of European Youth Press network, running dozens of trainings for journalists.

Email: anna.alboth@minorityrights.org

Anna Szentes, Office and Finance Assistant (Europe)

Anna has been working with the Budapest office since May 2018. Her tasks consist of financial and general program support. Prior to working with MRG, she was working in the Hungarian Economic Ministry managing EU tenders.

Email: anna.szentes@minorityrights.org

Arroi Baraket, Tunisia Communication Officer

Arroi is MRG’s Tunisia Communication Officer. She joined MRG in November 2020. She previously worked as a journalist for television and online media, working mainly on issues dealing with economic and social rights, women’s rights, minority rights and migrants’ rights. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Gender Studies.

Email: arroi.baraket@minorityrights.org

Berihu Mohammed, Director of Finance and Administration

Email: berihu.mohammed@minorityrights.org

Bethany Partridge, Assistant Finance Officer

Bethany is Assistant Finance Officer for MRG’s London Office. She joined MRG in January 2021. Bethany is currently training for the AAT and also works as a classical musician.

Email: bethany.partridge@minorityrights.org

Brahim Abdellahi, Finance & Administration Officer

Email: brahim.abdellahi@minorityrights.org

Carl Söderbergh, Director of Policy & Communications

Carl has been heading MRG’s Policy & Communications department since 2009. He has previously worked for Amnesty International (Sweden) and UNHCR. He assisted in opening Amnesty’s office in Afghanistan, and worked for UNHCR in Pakistan and Sudan.

Email: carl.soderbergh@minorityrights.org

Cécile Clerc, Director of Development & Partnerships

Cécile has been running MRG’s Development & Partnerships team since 2007. She has extensive experience in fundraising with a specific focus on statutory fundraising.

Email: cecile.clerc@minorityrights.org

Cecilia Bisogni, CREID Assistant

Email: cecilia.bisogni@minorityrights.org

Chelsea Gonzalez, Acting Legal Projects Officer

Chelsea is a human rights lawyer based in France. Before joining MRG, she worked on legal advocacy projects for asylum seekers rights and the rights of religious and ethnic minorities. Her legal research has focused on non-discrimination law and freedom of expression cases in regional human rights courts.

Email: chelsea.gonzalez@minorityrights.org

Christine Apio, Finance and Administration Officer, MRG Africa

Christine is MRG Africa’s Finance & Administration Officer. Among other things, she prepares financial accounts for Management, donors and auditors and offers finance and administrative support to MRG’s partners.

Email: christine.apio@minorityrights.org

Claire Thomas, Deputy Director

Claire is passionate about minority rights and has worked over many years to challenge injustice and support efforts to build fairer and more inclusive societies. During over 15 years at MRG, Claire has ingrained a collaborative and solutions-led approach that has been a driver in working with new partners, on new thematic areas and in more places that were deemed too risky or contentious by others in the field. As Deputy Director, Claire focuses on four key areas which she considers critical to MRG’s success: Read more >

Email: claire.thomas@minorityrights.org


Colin Luoma, Researcher

Colin Luoma is a Researcher at MRG, working on litigation and advocacy matters concerning biodiversity conservation and the rights of indigenous peoples and minorities under international law.  He is a currently a doctoral researcher at Brunel University London, focusing on the cultural rights of indigenous peoples, as well as a qualified U.S. lawyer with several years of litigation, advocacy and research experience.

Email: colin.luoma@minorityrights.org

Daphin Kansiime, Finance Assistant, MRG Africa

Email: daphin.kansiime@minorityrights.org

Emna Gelacia, MENA Assistant

Emna joined MRG in June 2020. She previously volunteered for a festival on intersectional feminism and organised human libraries in Tunisia to grant visibility to minorities and increase tolerance and understanding among different groups. In the US, she volunteered for the ‘Stew Fest’, a Native American festival, and took a class on Gender and Indigenous representation. She is always eager to seize opportunities that help her grow her knowledge about minorities and indigenous people. At MRG, she is happy to work on Tunisia project to fight against all types of discrimination in the country and on NORAD project to address freedom of religion and belief in 7 MENA countries.

Email: emna.gelacia@minorityrights.org

Eunice Olembo, Africa Legal Officer

Eunice Olembo joined MRG in July 2018 as the Advocacy Officer Kenya in the landmark African Court ruling on the Ogiek Case. She is now working as the Legal Officer East and Central Africa in MRG Africa. Before joining MRG, she worked with the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and the Refugee Consortium of Kenya (RCK).

Email: eunice.olembo@minorityrights.org

Fatma Mohamed, East Africa Programme Assistant

Fatma is our Kenya and Ethiopia Programme assistant. She has over five years of professional experience. She is passionate about working towards the realization and promotion of the fundamental rights of minorities.

Félicien Balikunda, Capacity Building Officer, Africa Regional Office

Felicien joined MRG in July 2011 as Programme Assistant in Africa Office. He is now working as Capacity Building Officer.  Before joining MRG, he worked with Uganda Red Cross Society and GTZ as Education Assistant and Programme Assistant respectively in a refugee settlement in Uganda.

Email: felicien.balikunda@minorityrights.org

Geoffrey Kerosi, East Africa Health Education Coordinator

Geoffrey coordinates health and education projects in East Africa. Previously he worked as a human rights defender conducting policy research, strengthening capacity of community partners, social network building and participating in positive dialogues with duty bearers in Kenya.

Email: geoffrey.kerosi@minorityrights.org

Geofrey Sabiiti, Africa Conflict Project Coordinatior

Giulia Di Mattia, Administrator

Giulia joined MRG in March 2010. Before joining MRG, she worked at the British Red Cross, Council of Europe, UN OHCHR and Amnesty International. Giulia has been involved in human rights work in Kenya, as well as indigenous and minority capacity building. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of human rights.

Email: giulia.dimattia@minorityrights.org

Glenn Payot, UN Advocacy Consultant

Glenn has been representing MRG at the United Nations since 2013. Previously, he worked as delegate to the UN for the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and as UN advocacy officer for the coalition Impact Iran.

Email: glenn.payot@minorityrights.org

Ifra Asad, South Asia Programme Assistant

Ifra Asad has been a part of MRGE since June 2018. She has previously worked in civil society organisations concerning women’s rights and children’s education and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public policy. Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, she is now based in Budapest, Hungary.

Email: ifra.asad@minorityrights.org

Jennifer Castello, Head of Law (on maternity leave)

Jennifer is the Head of Law based in MRG’s London office. She joined the legal department in September 2017 as a Legal Officer challenging slavery in Mauritania through strategic litigation, capacity building and international advocacy. She is a qualified French lawyer and has worked extensively on immigration and asylum law. Jennifer has been involved in international tribunals working for the international criminal court and the united assistance to the Khmer Rouge tribunal in Cambodia.

Email: jennifer.castello@minorityrights.org

Joshua Castellino, Executive Director

Joshua Castellino took on the role of Executive Director at MRG in October 2018 and brings a wealth of legal knowledge around minority rights, access to justice and the interplay between security, development and human rights. ‘At MRG we have an opportunity to amplify these voices enabling real learning and can therefore be a catalyst for the creation of transformative movements that learn and adapt based on strategic imperatives aimed at combatting entrenched discrimination,’ says Joshua. He regularly engages with multilateral organizations and with Law Societies and NGOs in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, on issues of human rights advocacy and public international law… Read more >

Email: joshua.castellino@minorityrights.org

Julie Barrière – Legal Programmes Officer

Julie is a Human Rights lawyer with project management  certification. Before joining MRG, she worked on social development programs in Egypt. She also organised advocacy and lead programs for two years in Uganda for gender equality, women empowerment and for the abolition of the death penalty with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Email: julie.barriere@minorityrights.org

Katherine Hall, Human Resources Officer

Email: kat.hall@minorityrights.org

Khouloud Nsiri, Advocacy Consultant (Tunisia)

Khouloud is Advocacy Consultant for MRG in Tunisia. She previously worked on access to justice for people in vulnerable situations and victims of grave human rights violations. She also worked as Middle East and North Africa Research Fellow for Front Line Defenders. Khouloud holds a MA in Common Law and a MA in Human Rights and Democratic Governance.

Email: khouloud.nsiri@minorityrights.org

Laia Pau Romaní, Project & Partnerships Development Coordinator

Laia joined the fundraising team in February 2019. Laia has experience in project development and grant management in Non-Governmental Organizations and International Organizations. She has more than 6 years of experience working in the field of human rights and minority rights, including research, capacity-building, advocacy and field monitoring work, with a focus on the Balkans. Her previous jobs include the OSCE, the European Commission and the European Centre for Minority Issues. She holds a Master’s degree in History and a Master’s in International Human Rights Law and Democratization.

Email: laia@minorityrights.org

Lara Domínguez, Head of Litigation (acting)

Lara Domínguez is currently Acting Head of Litigation with oversight of MRG’s strategic litigation docket. Previously Lara was Strategic Litigation Officer at MRG. Prior to joining MRG, Lara worked at Three Crowns LLP and specialised in international arbitration. She received her JD from Yale Law School, where she was student director of the Immigration Legal Services Clinic, a member of the Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic, and a Herbert J. Hansell student fellow at the Center for Global and Legal Challenges. She has represented clients in their asylum proceedings before U.S. immigration authorities, co-authored white papers on complex issues of international law, and published articles in various academic publications.

Email: lara.dominguez@minorityrights.org

Lauren Avery, Minority & Disability Intersectional Officer

Lauren co-ordinates the Minority/Disability Intersectional Discrimination project, working with disability rights activists from Indigenous and minority communities in project countries to engage in local, national and international advocacy. She holds a Masters in East Asian Development, a Masters by Research in Thai/Disability Studies and is currently undertaking doctoral research on disability rights activism at the University of York.

Email: lauren.avery@minorityrights.org

Lilian Pons, Finance Officer (Donor Reporting)

Email: lilian.pons@minorityrights.org

Loïc Druenne, Digital Communications Officer

After graduating in human rights from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Loïc worked for Le Monde des Religions in Paris (France) before joining the MRG team as a Media Consultant then as Digital Communications Officer. He is specialised in religious minorities. 

Email: loic.druenne@minorityrights.org

Lydia Scott, Individual Giving Fundraiser

Lydia joined MRG in 2020 as an Individual Giving Fundraiser. Prior to this, Lydia worked in both local and UK-wide charities and across several fundraising streams. She has a long held interest in equality and human rights and holds a degree in History and Politics from Nottingham University.

Marta Kubicza, FAIR Programme Coordinator

Marta has been part of the Budapest team in various roles since September 2015, switching from the for-profit sector after 7 years. Marta has a special interest in fundamental rights, especially regarding the balancing between providing the freedom of speech and assembly and protecting groups from hate crimes.

Email: marta.kubicza@minorityrights.org

Mays Al-Juboori, Civilian Rights Officer (MENA)

Mays Al-Juboori is a human rights professional with expertise in conflict, post-conflict, and international Law. At MRG, she works toward building civil society capacity in the Middle East, specialising on Iraq. Mays works closely with local activists on national policy and law, including draft legislation on women and minority rights. She authors human rights publications and provides regular consultation and briefings to governments and international agencies on gender, minority rights, the situation of human rights defenders and internally displaced people. She holds a qualification in Law LLB.

Email: mays.al-juboori@minorityrights.org

Max J. Joseph, Iraq Programme Coordinator

Max joined MRG at the end of 2020 after spending several years investigating the political and security challenges faced by minorities in the Middle East as an independent researcher. Prior to this, he has held roles in strategic operations, policy and project management. Subjects of enduring interest include democratisation and indigenous rights in deeply divided societies, with a focus on Iraq and Syria. He holds an MSc International Public Policy from UCL.

Mihaela Cojocaru, Research assistant: global evaluation project of indigenous languages initiatives

Mihaela joined MRG in 2020 as a research assistant for the evaluation of UNESCO’s action to revitalise and promote indigenous languages within the framework of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, while completing her master’s degree in International Development. Previously she has worked as a multilingual programme co-ordinator for Eastern Europe at Delegations for Dialogue. She loves all languages in the world and encourages anyone getting in touch to share a small phrase of their own with her.

Email: mihaela.cojocaru@minorityrights.org

Naumana Suleman, Pakistan Lead and South Asia Coordinator

Naumana Suleman is a human rights professional, researcher and trainer with two decades of work experience. Her areas of expertise are international human rights law (minority rights, women rights, child Rights, protection of human rights defenders), peacebuilding, conflict analysis and resolution, international/ UN human rights system. Read more >

Email: naumana.suleman@minorityrights.org

Neil Clarke, Head of Legal Programmes and EU Advocacy

Neil has been working with MRG since 2004, starting in MRGs programmes team, including Africa, Asia and Europe regions. Between 2009 and 2019, Neil was Managing Director of Minority Rights Group Europe, based in Budapest, responsible for MRGs work in the Europe and Central Asia. He is currently Head of Legal Programmes and EU Advocacy and is be responsible for establishing MRG’s new office in Brussels.

Email: neil.clarke@minorityrights.org

Nicole Girard, Norad Religious Minorities & Southeast Asia Coordinator

Nicole has worked on MRG’s programmes in Asia since 2010. She specialises in minority and indigenous rights in South and Southeast Asia, women’s rights in particular, with a focus on ethno-religious nationalism and armed movements for south determination and the rights of indigenous peoples to land and natural resources.

Email: nicole.girard@minorityrights.org

Peter Grant, Commissioning Editor

Peter has edited publications at MRG since 2013. He has also worked as a freelance researcher and writer on urbanisation, climate change and migration.

Email: peter.grant@minorityrights.org

Rasha Saba, MENA Programme Officer

Robert Nemeth, Hungarian Media Officer

Robert is MRG’s Hungarian Media Officer, he joined our team in July 2018. Previously he has worked for different Hungarian TV stations and online media outlets in various positions ranging from journalist to senior editor and news producer.

Email: robert.nemeth@minorityrights.org

Samrawit Gougsa, Communications Officer

Shikha Dilawri, South Asia Programme Coordinator (on sabbatical leave)

Silvia Quattrini, MENA Programmes Coordinator

Silvia is our MENA Programmes Coordinator. Having worked at MRG since 2014, she has focused on a variety of topics, including advocacy and capacity building projects aiming to support civil society organisations and grass-root organising across the MENA region, freedom of religion or belief, anti-discrimination legislation in Tunisia, culture and language rights in North Africa. Silvia has an LLM in International Human Rights Law, a Master in Translation (Arabic<>English) and a Master in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Email: silvia.quattrini@minorityrights.org

Viktoria Villanyi-Nosko, Administration & Finance Coordinator (Europe)

Viktoria is responsible for the overall financial matters of the Budapest office including developing budgets for funding proposals, preparing financial reports for international donors, overseeing and supporting partners’ financial management of joint projects. Before joining the Budapest team, she has worked for over 15 years for international organisations, such as Freedom House Europe and NESsT, as Finance and Operations Officer. Currently she serves on the board of Transparency International Hungary.

Email: viktoria.villanyi-nosko@minorityrights.org

Zsófia Farkas, Managing Director, MRG Europe

Zsófia is the Managing Director of Minority Rights Group International Europe, Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Office. As an advocacy officer, she worked for various humanitarian and development NGOs on issues, like child trafficking, child protection, minorities and migration.

Email: zsofia.farkas@minorityrights.org

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